The Toy Box Studio category “corporate portfolio” is one that we have worked on tirelessly for quite some time. Not only are the thoughts within each portfolio post hand-selected by our editing team to best represent Toy Box Studios to our interested customers, but they demonstrate some of the possibilities each client can expect from our team of hardworking photographers, videographers, editors, and support staff.

As we build out each project, we take special care of our client’s wishes regarding style, framing, coloring, corporate or event branding, and of course, story-telling. We encourage our clients to be natural and authentic in their approach as much of the magic happens within the studio’s editing room. This means that while we provide technical and logistical support when required, we are focusing more on capturing each moment as it happens and then weaving that story together in post-production.

We take great pride in the work we provide and we hope you enjoy each project as much as we enjoyed making each piece of work.