In study after study, brides say their #1 biggest regret was NOT having their wedding day captured on video. A video is the most vivid memory you will have of your special day. It is something that will outlast the cake, flowers, and decorations. Done right, your children will be able to watch your wedding kiss. Your grandchildren will be able to watch you walk down the aisle.

Still, photographs capture a split second of a moment, but video can let you relive the entire moment with images AND sound. It is an investment, but one that will last! Check out our blog post on this topic for more reasons.

According to the Online Publishers Association, an enjoyable video increases your chances of sale by 97%. If this little piece of information does not interest you check out a few more statistics about videos that might sell you on it. The strongest reason for us, is passion and telling your story. The passion YOU have for what you do can come through in a video unlike any other medium.

We think wedding videos should be considered an Investment, not an expense.

Currently, we offer two different, unique styles of video for you to select from so we can give you the wedding video of your dreams:

Wedding Story style is our all bells and whistles package that tells your love story through audio clips from speeches, ceremony, vows.

Sample: Kyle & Lyndsey

Music Story is a highlight video cut to music, no external audio clips – (audio extra fee). Prices vary per package selected and for Music Story based on what is included and how many hours and how many cameramen on site.

Sample: Robyn & Jason

We are located just outside our Nation’s Capital in Arlington, Virginia and cover Virginia, D.C., and Maryland but we do travel all over the world for corporate clients and the Wedding Story package. There is no place too far for us to go! Please get in touch with us for more details regarding travel.

There is a max of 1.5 hours travel for the Music Story packages.

Since we don’t record while you and your guests are eating, we do graciously request some food while you enjoy your meal.

No. It is impossible to be able to guarantee that everyone will be filmed. As a general rule with our videos, we focus solely on the bride and groom. If you want to make sure that a specific family member is (or is not) filmed, you must contact us before the wedding. Our style is achieved by focusing mainly on how the bride and the groom experience their day.

We keep the raw footage on file for 2 months after you have received your wedding video. We keep a master copy of your video on hand for two years after your wedding date. After that time period, we cannot guarantee that we will have your video.

The way we shoot and edit the video is by using a candid camera and editing techniques. This means that your entire day will be condensed into highlights shown in a 3-5 min video. We spend a minimum of 15-20 hours editing for the Wedding Story and about 10+ hours for the Music Story.

If you have questions as to how this will look, please ask to view more of our sample videos. Also please note, that we only include the most important moments from the wedding ceremony. We DO NOT record the ceremony in its entirety (depending on the package selected).

Actual Raw Footage is the hundreds of gigs of space and files of everything we shoot directly taken off the camera. We condense the Actual Raw Footage, which is all the clips we shot that day, into a digestible and easier to watch version known as “a viewable copy of the raw” and one that prohibits others from editing our content themselves. The ‘viewable copy of the raw’ is included in the Wedding Story package.

You’re in luck! We call this the ‘Rough Edit’ and it is included in the Wedding Story package. For the Music Story packages, it is an add-on. We will provide miss during these special events and condense all the footage taken from each camera rolling to provide a lightly edited and viewable copy of the ceremony, speeches, and vows. This is not a video of the entire event.

The final highlight video is not watermarked. We do watermark the viewable copy of the raw. As for Copyright, we retain rights to use the video for marketing purposes unless explicitly noted otherwise upon signing the contract, e.g. couples that have a government job often request their videos be left on private on Vimeo. You cannot edit or duplicate our footage but you are free to share our links or data provided online with family and friends.

You can reach us by calling, texting, or emailing us but since our schedules may vary according to our projects, the best way to reach us is via email. We do our very best to get back to our clients as soon as we are available, usually within 48 hours. We work most weekends so generally, Mondays are our days off. But don’t let that stop you from reaching out. Here’s our contact page. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!