We are artists. We are storytellers. We are Toy Box Studios.

Storytelling outside the box.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

When you combine our professional photography service with our top-rated videography service, you get a dynamic product that makes you go “Wow!”

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Beautiful Imagery

Images tell a story, share a feeling and reveal information to your viewer.

Images Tell A Story

We will use our creative eye to incorporate beautiful imagery into your project so it stands out.

Personalized Editing

Our video editing, based on your wishes, represents you and your brand better.

Creativity Matters

We work with you to communicate your vision to the world.

Creative Touch

We combine our style and your vision into the final product you experience

Looks Amazing

Our final products always represent a move forward in our creative expression as we build on the past to shape our future.

Years in Business
Cups of Coffee Emptied
Hours Spent Editing

Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Gurus.

Ian Rushing | Co-Owner
Ian Rushing | Co-OwnerVideographer & Editor
Ian is the oldest brother in an uber-talented family of 10. He started his career in an Alaskan newsroom, where he quickly excelled, winning six Alaskan Broadcaster Awards in one year. Additionally, his hard work helped Ian win an Edward R. Murrow Award; one of the highest honors a broadcaster can receive.
Puppeteering 93%
Mead-making 87%
Dad jokes 75%
Mark Bautista | Co-Owner
Mark Bautista | Co-OwnerVideographer & Editor
Mark grew up in Stafford, VA, graduated from VCU in ’03 with a BA in Broadcast Media and worked in various tv stations throughout VA. He has a creative eye, loves to get the shots that tell the story and has the awards to back it up. Recently, Mark hit a landmark accomplishment and received his first Emmy Award.
Dragon-slaying 53%
Wood-working 94%
Coffee consumption 100%
Kari Harleth
Kari HarlethOffice Manager
Kari likes pina coladas and taking walks in the rain, she’s not into yoga, and she has half a brain. She is not much into health food, but she’s into champagne which is carbonated fruit. She holds down the fort, but she was thrown from a horse once as a small child, and we’re pretty sure that’s what’s wrong with her. You’ll see.
Chicken herding 97%
Baby whispering 83%
Organizational Skills 100%
Rob Shultz
Rob ShultzVideographer | Photographer | Editor | Graphic Design | Rockstar
Rob is one of our newest team members currently living in Winchester, Va. Before working with us, he spent three years at Apple Inc. as a certified Creative. Aside from being our photographer, videographer and editor, Rob also travels the world as a professional drummer. His hobbies include obsessive gardening, drumming & street photography.
Drumming 99%
Gardening 91%
Partying 95%

We Thrive When We Work With You

We believe videos should be works of art that evoke strong emotions and should be as unique as you are. By leveraging our experience and creativity, we develop films that connect those watching to you.

We capture corporate events, special occasions, weddings and more which gives us a unique approach to each project. We specialize in creating compelling, personalized, high-end, and meticulously edited 3-5 minute highlight videos that let you relive your special day anytime you want. We offer two different styles for wedding videos so you’re sure to get a film that is everything you’ve been dreaming of for your special day.

By connecting with our clients, forming relationships, and devoting more time and energy to each event or wedding that we film, we are able to make a top-quality end product that few can rival. See our work. Feel the difference.

Whether we meet via video chat, social media, phone, text, or in-person, we want to get to know you and see if we’re the right fit to tell your story. Our hope is that you will know if we are what you are looking for within that first meeting.

Our focus is always on giving our clients a high-quality deliverable that is styled in the way they want while we add our own creative design to the final product. Making our mark on our client’s work can be subtle or very apparent. We let our clients tell us what they want and then build a customized plan based on the general direction given to us.

By collaborating with our clients, we develop a stronger appreciation for the end result they are looking for which we believe motivates us to work harder for them and ultimately for you.

toy box studios, kari, scarf wrapped around face, sunglasses and scarf

Knowing that our clients are looking for picturesque moments that can make a memory for life, we love to put ourselves into the shoes of our subjects and ultimately know what they want before they do. This intuition for knowing what shots to take and how to motivate our clients is a big reason we have overwhelmingly positive reviews from our clients as well as other vendors that we work with.

If you are searching for that team member that just gets what you are trying to do and then makes everything comfortable along the way for you, then you have arrived at your destination. We are glad you’re here.

We have earned many awards over the past decade. Some are for weddings and some are for businesses and non-profits. We love working with all clients as they can push us to think outside the box. See what we did there.

By learning from our clients in all parts of this crazy videography industry, we learn how to weave parts of our awarded documentary style and marry it with our modern performing artists. Then we can incorporate that into a dynamic wedding film that truly touches the soul.

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Wedding picture of the bride and groom hugging and the groom is looking down at the bride while she is smiling.