Winter. It’s cold, it’s dreary, the greenery is all gone…. and yet there’s something inherently romantic about it. The cold draws us closer to our loved ones, cozying up for warmth. The possibility of snow leaves an electricity in the air. We string our homes and businesses with the twinkle of lights to brighten long winter nights.

A few days after Christmas, we met Maddy and Sam in Georgetown for an engagement video and photos; Maddy and Sam, who live in Charleston, South Carolina, were in town for their cousins’ wedding, which we also filmed. In the weeks leading up to their shoot, we planned for a stroll in Georgetown amidst the art installation “Georgetown Glow.”
As the day drew closer, the temperature plummeted. Even our Alaskan owner, Ian, was nervous.
We received an email the night before from Maddy, concerned the cold might be too much for their Charleston blood, but we urged them to let us try, and being good sports, they agreed.
Fast forward to the next day: Ian, Rob (our photographer), and I stood in the waterfront park, rubbing our hands together. I checked the art installation map on my phone. Rob and Ian took test shots with their cameras, and then we waited. I let Ian share my scarf to protect his icy ears. “This was a mistake. They’re going to freeze. We’re going to freeze!”

A moment later, Sam called my phone and we located each other in the park. They strolled toward us, beautiful, happy and in love. Maddy’s bright red jacket perfectly curled blond hair stood out from a mile away. After we all introduced ourselves and the handshaking was over, we laid out a plan – a few quick shots before the sunset, then ducking in somewhere to warm up before heading back out into the bitter cold to grab some footage with the light installation. They were game.
And then magic happened.
Do you see these shots? No one looks cold here! You would hardly guess this was 17 degree and under weather.
The other best part of this shoot? Popping into the (jam-packed, as always) Baked&Wired shop for coffee. While we took a short break and warmed our bones, we got to know Maddy and Sam a little better and shared cupcakes.
We are so looking forward to seeing them again in a few short months (in Charleston this time!) for their wedding, but for now, enjoy this labor of love- their engagement film: