Yup. I’m going to Zambia again. And this time I’m bringing help!

Can you tell we’re excited?

We’ve been working with the Meant2Live foundation for many years now, and are very much looking forward to going back to Zambia- Not only to see some familiar faces but also document the trip!
 I hear time and time again that our videos have helped them raise so much support for the children over there, and I feel so honored to have a chance to back and capture even more visuals for them to use in their efforts to raise support.

On top of that, I’m dragging my fiance/office manager along this time.
Kari keeps things running in our office, but she also owns and manages Doretta Farms, a Shenandoah Valley-based small farm focused on egg production from pasture-raised hens. 

This summer we plan to help create a sustainable garden system for the school, and with your support- we can!

If you’re able to help out at all, please click here to support us!