Here For The Beer – Brewhaha 2017

Life is funny sometimes. One day, entirely out of the blue, Ian’s phone pinged. He looked down and saw a text from a number he didn’t recognize. The text read something to the effect of “hey this is Justin [the founder and CEO] from Jailbreak and I was wondering if you would be at [location XYZ] tomorrow.”

Ian googled his name. Huh. He stared at his phone. “I don’t think this message is meant for me….”We discussed for a moment that maybe he had somehow connected to us through Brian Bolter, with whom we shot BottleProof TV, but for a variety of reasons that didn’t add up.

Brian Bolter, Bottle Proof TV

Ian laughed. “Should I text back and tell him we’re not who he’s looking for but that we’d love to provide him with video services?”
I shrugged “Can’t hurt!”
30 minutes later Ian was pacing around the yard with his phone in his ear while I watched from the front porch. He hung up. “Who was that?”
“Justin. Turns out they do need video!”
Cut to the day the of the shoot:

It turns out the video they needed was one to help publicize “Brewhaha” – the marquee event of DC Beer Week. The concept of the video was the marriage of food and drink and the theme of each of the experts (brewer and chef) underestimating the skill of the other.

Old Ebbitt Grill, 675 15th St NW, Washington, DC

The Arrival

Ian and our summer intern, Jay, arrived at Old Ebbitts Grill around 9:30 that morning.

Bryce, a manager at Old Ebbitt, met us at the door and gave us a quick walk around tour of the location. As a result of our love for all things from the sea, we settled in by the oyster bar.


Shortly after, Travis, Justin, and Clay arrived and we proceeded to film. Travis and Justin, like true industry champions, pounded about 3 beers a piece over the course of half an hour while they discussed DC Beer week on camera. It’s true it cut the nerves of being filmed, but it also helped to set the scene of the battle to ensue. Is there anything more DC (or America) than unchecked braggadocio escalating at a bar? All in the scripted good fun of course.

Watch the video here:

BrewHaHa 2017 from Toy Box Studios on Vimeo.

Chef Travis

After filming at Old Ebbitt Grill, we visited The Commodore with Chef Travis to burn a burger. Then we traveled to Laurel, Maryland to visit the brewery where Chef Travis was a good sport and allowed himself to be sprayed with a mango-scented yeast.

Chef Travis Weiss of The Commodore Public House & Kitchen

As a result of an afternoon of tomfoolery, we turned off our cameras and pulled up a seat at the bar for Q-Cumber Saison.

Jailbreak Brewery’s “Q-cumber Saison”

If you’re wondering… it tastes like summer.

Don’t miss DC Beer Week August 20th – 27th! You can get your tickets for BrewHaHa here:
#DCBW2017 @DCBeerWeek