You may have noticed…..We do wedding photography now!

This wedding was our first proper foray into wedding photography.
Ankita and Andrew’s day was a beautiful wedding of blended traditions. We loved shooting this wedding for our first wedding photography event because of the warmth and love amongst their families are palpable in the images. It was entirely evident that the day was indeed about the couple.
We’ve slowly been gearing up to be able to offer photography over the past few years. Photography, though, is not an enterprise that we entered into lightly. It was something that over the years so many couples had inquired- “do you offer wedding photography too?”
They’re such completely different arts. We always thought “do one thing and do it well.” We realized that even as a small company, we could trust and draw upon the talents of our employees and let them do what they do best. For one employee, that was photography. We started with headshot photography and some in-studio work, as well as a few other personal projects. Afterward, when we felt we were ready, we jumped in with both feet and found Ankita and Andy.

We’re completely thrilled with the results and happy with our leap of faith in the expansion of Toy Box’s offerings. A huge thank you to Ankita and Andrew for entrusting us to capture your day, and letting us discover a new way of telling stories! See other photo work here.