Behind the Scenes with Toy Box Studios

We had been dreaming of a behind-the-scenes shoot for some time and knew we wanted longtime Toy Box videographer and editor Brandon Mowry to do it. Unfortunately for us, Brandon moved to Texas over a year ago (though he still edits many videos for us). We also wanted to ensure our behind the scenes video would be one that both owners Mark Bautista and Ian Rushing could do together.

The stars aligned for Marisa and Kyle’s wedding and the band got back together; We found just the right couple and the right weekend to make it all happen.
A question we often ask couples during their consultation is to describe their relationship or the other person in either a word or phrase. We want to know what they boil down to and what’s important, and this question generally gets to the heart of things pretty quickly.
Marisa and Kyle both described each other as “exciting”- and you can feel that bubbling happy energy in the video. Marissa specifically called their relationship “wild and wonderful” and Kyle noted enthusiastically “We’re never home!” – Always off to their next adventure.
It’s always been important to us here at Toy Box that we truly get to know our couples; This shouldn’t be simply a transactional relationship. We are storytellers, and we can’t tell a story if we don’t know the couple.
We had a feeling this would be a great wedding, and that instinct was correct: Not only did we get a stellar wedding video, but two incredible behind the scenes videos.

Toy Box Studios from Toy Box Studios on Vimeo.

A big thank you to Westfields Marriott for having an awesome venue filled with an amazing staff. We’ve done many weddings here over the years, and it’s hands down one of our favorite places to shoot.

Marisa+Kyle Wedding Story from Toy Box Studios on Vimeo.