Whats in a name?

Well, a lot.

A name can be very specific, or it can be very vague. It can tell people that you do one thing, or many things. And if its not a good name, it can say absolutely nothing at all.

When we first started Toy Box Productions, our name was a little confusing; Some people loved it, some people hated it. Most had no idea where it came from.

The name came from our friendship.

Mark and I have now known each other for almost 13 years. We’ve both lived through a good chunk of life since then. And we’ve both grown. Back then we played video games almost every night after getting off work. Once a week we would get together at my house, dual tv’s in the living room, and play video games into the wee hours.

Mark playing as ToolBox,

Me playing as ToyTun.

We always joked that if we ever started a band, we had to call it “Toy Box” in honor of our video gaming.

From day 1 our motto has been “videos outside the box.” We feel we’ve stuck to that ever since, striving to create videos in a way that was always pushing the envelope, and always telling a story. Of course our *unofficial* motto is “we make people cry for a living.” Happy tears of course!

After years of offering only video, we realized that in order to grow, and grow well, we needed to expand. The first step of that is in our name and logo. Productions. Productions can be many things. I’m not going to lie- we’ve actually gotten phone calls asking if we make toy boxes, or sell directions on how to make them… I mean obviously we produce toy boxes, right? 🙂

So while “Toy Box” isn’t going anywhere- Productions is.

I’d like to introduce you to the new us:

Toy Box Studios:

storytelling outside the box

As we continue to grow, you will see us in the upcoming years begin to offer more services. In fact, a few of you probably know we started offering head shots earlier this year, as novaheadshots.com.

We look forward to working with all of you as we continue to grow, and as always, we are here to help you tell your stories!