This is a blog. I hope it will be fun. A fun blog.

If I had started blogging when I was 10, that’s probably all that would have been written. I wasn’t much of a writer back then. Still wouldn’t really call myself a “writer” but I’m going to be giving it a try!

I could go on right now about how it’s Valentines Day. Or how we’re giving away a free Kindle Fire on our Facebook page. Or how we are finishing up our first wedding film of the year, that should be posted tonight or tomorrow. But I won’t. At least not today… 😉

The point of our new blog will be keeping everyone updated on what we’re doing. Of course we’ll still be using Facebook on a regular basis, but we wanted a space to go more in depth.

What is it we do.

How is what we do different than what others do.

More background behind our films.

We hope you will enjoy reading along on some of our adventures, and getting to know Toy Box Productions a little better.

That was a fun blog.